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Pink Grapefruit:

Featuring a fantastic citrus flavour that captures the juicy notes of pink grapefruit that dominates the vape throughout. This tangy gold bar is sure to excite the tastebuds and promises a satisfying vaping experience to all who try it!!!


The Gold Bar Disposable Vape Kit, by Vape Gold, sets a new standard in the vaping industry, combining premium materials and enhanced craftsmanship to delivery a superior and exquisite flavour.

Featuring a built-in 500 mAh battery, the Gold Bar is designed to provide up to approximately 600 puffs, with a prefilled 2 ml e-liquid pod containing nicotine salt e-liquid, and incorporates a built-in hyper mesh coil technology for a premium, superior vaping experience.

This device is currently available in 20 mg (2%) nicotine strength, with up to 12 mixed fruit and menthol based flavours to choose from.



Pink Grapefruit Gold Bar (5 Bars for £20)

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