The Geekvape Wenax C1 is an easy-to-use, compact pod kit which comes with a mouthpiece designed to fit the contours of your lips and a soft, silky grip which makes it a pleasure to hold.


The Geekvape Wenax C1 comes with three power levels which means it is a great entry-level kit for vapers seeking to vary the wattage of their device. It comes with a choice of inhale or button activation, which offers flexibility and is great for new vapers who wish to experiment to see which they prefer.

The Wenax C1 comes with an open pod, which means it can be used with your favourite e-liquid. When the coil comes to the end of its life, you can replace the coil instead of the whole pod, which both reduces plastic waste and makes the device more economical to run.

The battery has a capacity of 950 mAh which gives an excellent life at the wattage levels it is used with.


The Geekvape Wenax C1 is suitable for vapers looking for an easy-to-use kit which can deliver a slightly punchier vape with its lower resistance coils. It is suitable for vapers of all experience levels who can prime coils.


The Wenax C1 works with Geekvape G.coils. Offering an excellent flavour, these coils are designed to be cross compatible with future starter kits from Geekvape.


Geekvape 0.8 Ω G Coil: 12 - 15 W
Geekvape 0.6 Ω G Coil: 12 - 18 W


How do the power levels correspond to the colours?

White: Low power
Blue: Medium power
Green: High power

How do the power levels vary with the coils?

The Wenax C1 kit automatically detects the resistance of the coil you use and adapts the power level to suit the coil. This means you can safely use either low, medium or high power with any of the coils. The power levels for the different coils, measured in volts, are:

0.4 - 0.70Ω: White 3.0V
Blue 3.1V
Green 3.2V

0.71 - 1.1Ω: White 3.3V
Blue 3.4V
Green 3.5V

1.11 - 3.0Ω: White 3.5V
Blue 3.6V
Green 3.7V

How do you change the power level?

Press the power button 3 times.

What is the difference between the coils?

The 0.6 Ω coil will produce more vapour than the 0.8 Ω coil, and is suitable for use at a higher power level.

Is this a Mouth-to-Lung kit?

The Wenax C1 kit is primarily designed for use as a Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) device. Traditionally, MTL devices use higher resistance coils (typically above 1Ω) but recently there has been a trend for using lower resistance coils for MTL vaping.




  • Wattage range: 9 - 20 W
  • Resistance range: 0.3 - 3 Ω
  • Battery capacity: 950 mAh
  • Charging specs: 5V USB-C
  • Low voltage warning: 3.2V +/- 0.1V
  • PCBA temperature alarm: 80 C
  • Longest vaping time: 10s
  • Standby current: < 15uA

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