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The Blue Sour Raspberry IVG 5500 Disposable An irresistible blend of sourness and blue raspberry sweetness makes for an exciting vaping adventure.


IVG has meticulously selected a range of premium disposable flavours for their IVG Smart 5500 pod kit, the perfect partner for novice vapers eager to explore a diverse array of tastes. The IVG Smart 5500 pod kit uses a refillable, rechargeable, disposable (RRD) design, allowing avid vapers to enjoy a long-lasting and customisable flavour journey. The IVG Smart 5500 pod kit is designed with a powerful 1000 mAh battery, allowing for convenient recharging via any Type-C port. Thanks to IVG's cutting-edge technology, its performance ensures smooth, consistent flavour throughout its battery life. 


Additionally, the IVG Smart 5500 kit includes a 10ml bottle of IVG's exquisite 20mg (2%) nic salt e-liquid, providing you with up to 5500 delicious puffs straight out of the box and can support up to 10 refills.

Blue Sour Raspberry - IVG 5500 Disposable

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